Sustainable Winegrowing BC

Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia is a third-party verified certification program. SWBC aims to foster grape and wine production that enhances environmental quality and the resource base on which the industry depends, is economically viable, and improves quality of life for growers, producers, and society as a whole. The BC Wine Grape Council Sustainability Committee, with the assistance of Insight Environmental Consulting & Synapse Strategies designed the SWBC Certification program based on a number of compatible programs from other regions and with considerable input from BC industry members and researchers.

SWBC Certified will bring many benefits to the industry. The practices contained in the program will help users to increase quality while cutting operating costs. The program will provide a means to compare current practices within and between regions, to identify areas that need improvement, and to quantify those improvements. It will provide a formal means of recognizing industry achievements and communicating those achievements to a growing market of consumers whose buying habits are increasingly influenced by the sustainability of a product. Overall, the program will lead to a viable, competitive and continually improving wine grape industry in British Columbia.

Two sustainability standards are the foundation of the program; winery and vineyard. These can be found online in the Resource section of the SWBC website. As well, they are compiled as a self-assessment which members complete each year. The assessment if the key to the program. The questions reinforce awareness of the environmental, economic, and social issues that affect vineyards and wineries. Participation in the program is voluntary.

Watch this section for Guidance Materials that support the Sustainability Standards.

For more information on becoming SWBC certified please see the Sustainable Winegrowing BC website,