Organic Production

The organic industry is an emerging sector of the food industry. Fast growing consumer demand is pushing the expansion of acreage in many crops grown in British Columbia.

Organic production is a system of production that uses methods that minimize the impact on the environment. The primary focus is to maintain a healthy soil and develop a balanced farm ecosystem that is environmentally sustainable.

This guide contains information about environmentally sustainable grape production practices. A good working knowledge about the life cycle and early identification of pest problems as well as sound monitoring procedures for pests is necessary in any vineyard enterprise, but particularly so to maximize the benefits of pest control in organic viticulture. Information and procedures for cultural and biological control of pests is included in this guide where appropriate. Pest control recommendations that minimize the use of pesticides have been used for many years in British Columbia grape production. Organic grape producers will find much information of value in this management guide.

Specific grape production techniques are re-quired to meet the requirements of the various organic certification associations. Farm management standards acceptable to certifying members of the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC) are de-fined in the BC Organic Agriculture Products Certification Regulation, Operation Policies and Farm Management Standards publication. Each organic association may have other specific requirements for certification.

“Certified Organic” means that a product has been produced in accordance with specific guide-lines and organic standards as established by a certifying agency.
“British Columbia Certified Organic” means that a product has been produced according to guidelines and standards established by the COABC, in collaboration with the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia

The Certified Organic Associations of British Co-lumbia (COABC) is an umbrella organization for a majority of the provincial organic associations.

The Association (COABC) is designated under the provincial Food Choice and Quality Act to implement the certification and accreditation program. As program administrator and auditor, COABC assesses the eli-gibility of certification agencies and certifies that their individual members meet the production standards.

Provincial Accreditation Agency
Certified Organic Associations of BC (COABC)
Phone (250) 260 4429 Fax (250) 260 4436

Addresses and contacts of the various Organic Associations are posted on the COABC web site

Sources of organic information on the web

One of the best collections of continuously updated organic documents is at the Provincial Infobasket site. It contains useful links to production, marketing and certification information. the homepage. From there you can navigate to the organic page or the grape page. Navigation is sometimes a bit complex, with many embedded subfolders

Another BC site is maintained by the COABC at

UC Davis maintains a site with very good information and lots of links at